The TOT Collar Is Simple And Easy To Size And Fit

It is recommended a therapist fit and supervise use with the collar. Simple and easy adjustments are made using the interchangeable tubes. Longer tubes can be inserted to provide improved alignment. All parts for the totcollar are available as replacements.

We recommend consulting a physical therapist for use of the TOT in regards to creating a daily routine for therapy, which should involve stretching and stationary use of the TOT. Stationary use could involve wearing the TOT Collar during a stationary activity such as use in a high chair or other seat, so that movement from crawling does not affect the positioning of the stays. The TOT Collar isn’t designed for use with a lot of active movement and is more effective when the child is in a sitting or supine position.

The Tot Collar is cool, comfortable, easy to put on and remove, low profile with an unobtrusive appearance. It is easy to keep clean with soap and water and the amount of support can be set to specific requirements.

Sizing And Fitting The Tot Collar

The Tot Collar is pre-assembled and ready to fit. There are two sizes: Adult and Child.

TOT Collar Fitting Step 1

The clear pvc tubing of the Collar is supplied at twice the circumference of the neck, plus 4″-6″ (10cm-15cm). The tubing is joined with an end connector.

The white tubes or struts are selected according to the amount of lateral head tilt. Extra tubes are supplied with the collar to allow for change in lateral tilt.

TOT Collar Fitting Step 2

Tube A spans from posterior to the crest of the trapezius to the occiput.

Tube B from anterior to the crest of the trapezius to below the tip of the mastoid process. Avoid pressure on the mandible.

The tubes are short to start with and replaced by longer tubes as correction is achieved. If there is a significant amount of tilt then use very short tubes initially. Tubes can be trimmed to the exact size required.

TOT Collar Fitting Step 3

For correct fit, the infant should be holding his or her head in midline, slightly away from the struts. There should be room for at least one adult finger to fit between the top clear pvc tubing and the neck.

Fit the Collar loosely at first and ensure that the lateral tubes are the correct size and on the correct side.

Snug up the Tot Collar by hand to check the fit.

TOT Collar Fitting Step 4

Remove the collar from the child. Pull through the clear pvc tubing to remove the excess. Trim this tubing to length with scissors and reconnect with the end connector. Replace the collar after each trim to check the size and fit.

Note: Be careful not to cut off too much of the clear tubing, it cannot be reconnected if size is cut too short.

TOT Collar Final Checks

  • Ensure the white tubes are in position relative to the crest of the trapezius
  • Ensure the parent or caregiver can position the collar correctly. Mark the top of the collar if required
  • Check for redness where struts touch skin
  • The Collar may be covered with 2 inch stockinette or a knee high nylon to improve comfort
  • Clean collar regularly with soap & water
  • Remove collar when wearer is asleep

Use the Tot Collar with a stretching program for best results. Caution: Do not leave the child unattended while wearing the tot collar!

Please note: The only difference between the child and adult collar is the length or circumference of the tube, which needs to be cut to fit in any circumstance.